Run Errands While Your Floors Are Vacuumed By A Robot

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Floors

Robotic floor cleaners and vacuums are a great help in the home, and there are lots of impressive models around. The problem is that there are almost too many to choose from. The following list of 10 highlights top brands and models with interesting functions and specializations.

1) Iroomba 880 Vacuuming Robot

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

iRoomba models had to be at the start of this list because they are so popular and highly rated among users. The 800 is the best of the bunch for the time being. It uses what it calls its “revolutionary” AeroForce Cleaning System for a powerful clean across the home, on any floor type. It is small enough to get under the furniture, smart enough to work with a 7-day cleaning schedule and easy to use.

2) Iroomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

That isn’t to say that the iRoomba 614 isn’t a great … Read the rest