Introducing Two Of The Most Human-Like Robots China Has Produced

Human-Like Robots  Are Developed In China

Human-like robots are something that developers are continually trying to perfect. China’s University of Science and Technology have now built robots that look more that real humans than ever before. The latest models went on display at the World Robot Conference in Beijing.

While some marvel at the creations, other have important questions. At what point do human-like robots become impossible to tell apart from humans? This is a particular concern when we consider the speed of current development and the desire to push further with technology.

The First, And Most Famous, Of The University’s Human-Like Robots, Is Jia Jia

Jia Jia is the creation that the institution is sure to be most proud of right now. She is their favorite daughter until a better model comes along. She can create micro facial expressions that are more diverse and expressive than a basic emotional … Read the rest