Cyber-dave.co.uk a blog that focuses on developments in human-like robots, robotics, and AI.

We discuss Human-Like Robots, Robotic Products, Artificial Intelligence and of course, the famous DAVE project, on which this website was founded.

For example, we are currently interested in China University of Science and Technology’s robot that looks like a real human-robot, and latest models displayed at World Robot Conference in Beijing. So far, China produced the two of the most human-like robots names Jia Jia, plus another unnamed male robot.

Jia Jia is one of the most famous contemporary human-like robots. She creates facial expressions more expressive than the most basic of emotional ranges. She can detect your facial expressions and react to them, and can identify your gender and age.

That said, developers face huge challenges in robotic emotional expression. There have been significant developments in the expressions of robots to make them appear more like humans on the surface. Their facial movements and hand gestures are now more refined than ever. Human-like robots such as Sophia by Hanson Robotics has 62 possible facial expressions!

In addition to human-like robots, which are admittedly a few years away from serving us in our homes, lots of exciting robotic products are now entering our homes to do all sorts of jobs for us.

Home robots can be a lot of fun, and the great thing about these products is they vary so much in purpose. Robotic products for the home already come in all shapes and sizes. There are robotic toys that are developed in different shapes and sizes that can be trained according to your requirements. There are robotic cleaners for our floors and for the great outdoors, too.

Finally, we’ve preserved some of the information from the original DAVE Project on our website.

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David Robinson