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Robotic Helpers Are Programmed To Assist Us And Be Friendly

Today robotic helpers are becoming more prominent in human life, from sexual companions to COVID-19 treatment and everything in between. Robots are becoming digital sidekicks that can help us accomplish our daily tasks more efficiently, safely, and quickly. They are programmed to be friends and not enemies, and they have human-like appearances that mimic human emotions to help us feel more comfortable.

Miko Zhong, the spokesperson for Richtech Robotics, said that robots could not replace humans. “Right now, there are too many technological limitations.”

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Save Human Lives And Allow More Robots To Work

In the current situation, we should rely on more robots to reduce the risk of human lives. The recycling industry has been struggling for a long time before the pandemic. An increasing number of cities are currently suspending recycling solutions partly due to fear that workers might spread the coronavirus while sorting through used food containers, water bottles, and boxes.

Employ Robots To Do The Job

As the coronavirus took hold in the USA last month, AMP Robotics has observed a  noticeable increase in requests for its robots, which use AI to sort through recycled material and weeding out the trash.  Some facilities which were looking at getting a couple of robots are now saying, we need several more because this is all moving quite quickly.… Read the rest


Robots Are Looking More Human As Research Continues

Sporting a stylish bob haircut, a humanoid robot called Erica chats to a guy before an amazed audience in Madrid.  She and other robots like her are the main focus of robotics research, as their human form could be crucial to integrating these machines into our own lives, said investigators collected this week at the annual International Conference on Intelligent Robots.

“You mentioned project management. Can you please tell me more?” Erica, who’s playing the part of an employer, asks the guy.  She might not understand the conversation, but she has been trained to determine keywords and react to them.

A source of dispute is due in part to concerns for robots working for us, the existence of robots in our regular lives is necessary and probably unavoidable according to engineers at the summit. The secret to making them more acceptable, they added, would be to make them look … Read the rest

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Scarlett Johansson Humanoid Robot Shows What Can Be Achieved With A 3D Printer

Humanoid Robot

Human-like or humanoid robots are popping up at conventions and shows across the world. Companies are spending staggering figures to create the very best robots and push the boundaries. Some are so life-like that they can be mistaken for the real thing.

Then there are those that work on a smaller scale, with minimal experience to create something for fun. Mark 1, a humanoid robot that looks like Scarlett Johansson, is a great example.

Mark 1 Is A Feat Of Engineering

Mark1Robot3D printing has taken the world by storm in recent years. Now its impact is also seen in the world of building robots. Mark 1 was lovingly created from a 3D printed skeleton so that her creator could create the right shapes with minimal effort. She shows what we can now achieve with a 3D printer, some silicone, and good robotics programming.

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Could You Become Best Friends With A Robot?

Best Robot – Jai Jai

Robotics is a field that is developing at an alarming rate. This doesn’t seem that long ago that we had the first humanoid robots making headlines. Now there are numerous models and prototypes in development. Larger companies are in competition to create robots that are more realistic and more functional than ever. That isn’t just for bragging rights. There is a desire to create human-like robots so lifelike that we can form a bond with them and accept them.

That raises some important questions about the future of robotics and the place of these creations in society. We are happy to have robots performing tasks to make life easier. … Read the rest

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Introducing Two Of The Most Human-Like Robots China Has Produced

Human-Like Robots  Are Developed In China

Human-like robots are something that developers are continually trying to perfect. China’s University of Science and Technology have now built robots that look more that real humans than ever before. The latest models went on display at the World Robot Conference in Beijing.

While some marvel at the creations, other have important questions. At what point do human-like robots become impossible to tell apart from humans? This is a particular concern when we consider the speed of current development and the desire to push further with technology.

The First, And Most Famous, Of The University’s Human-Like Robots, Is Jia Jia

Jia Jia is the creation that the institution is sure to be most proud of right now. She is their favorite daughter until a better model comes along. She can create micro facial expressions that are more diverse and expressive than a basic emotional … Read the rest

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Could Sophia Prove That Human-Like Robots Can Make Emotional Connections

Human-Like Robots

There is a big challenge facing developers in robotics: emotion. There have been great developments in the expressions of robots to make them appear more like humans on the surface. Their facial movements and hand gestures are now more refined than ever.

They are now able to seem as though they are giving the right response, as they were instinctual. It can frown, smile, smirk and do whatever else seems to be appropriate to the situation. They can read the faces of those around them and determine a response. This is what makes them human-like robots, but they are not yet human.

For Now, This Is All Just A Mechanical Reaction To A Stimulus Rather Than Real Emotion

This is where robotics is separate from human expression. It is why human-like robots can only come so close to the real thing. The barrier in-between is the ability to … Read the rest