Who Is DAVE?

Like many human-like robots on the scene, DAVE possesses the ability to respond to human counterparts in a realistic manner. He was created with specially-designed software to ensure that he has precise movements. That means facial movements, but also his arms and hands.

This is important as some high-end robotics designers have struggled with realistic hands. Here, DAVE is under development so that he can pick up and manipulate objects with ease. This should help to ensure that he has many more functions that his more human-like counterparts.

The main difference here is the way that operators work DAVE. At the moment, robotics experts need to program reactions and responses into a robot’s system carefully. This means that all reactions and interactions come purely from the robot itself, making it seem more alive.

However, it does mean that they are limited to their programming and could fail to respond to a question correctly. DAVE is different because he uses real-time prompts from the operators to correctly handle the situation in front of him. The operator wears a sensor rig that allows DAVE to mimic his movements.

This means that as long as the mechanics for the limbs and facial expressions are realistic, there are few limitations. In many ways, this puts him in a different class of robot that Sophia or Jai Jai. This is also just the start of his differences.

DAVE Broke The Mold When It Comes To Human-Robot Relationships

One of the problems with life-like humanoid robots is that we struggle to connect with them or trust them. There is something about the most lifelike models, such as Jai Jai in China, that is a little creepy. We see a human figure that is trying to interact with us, but something isn’t quite right.

This doesn’t change by adding more intricate facial expressions or a better skin. In fact, this can sometimes make the problem worse. There are some that suggest that it would be far better for designers to go for something a little more abstract.

This is where DAVE is perhaps a little more appealing than some of the other robots created. Dave is a half-human, half alien creation. This means that even though he is realistic in his movements and abilities, there is that necessary abstract nature.

He instantly becomes a creature of entertainment that we are all interested in, rather than a perceived threat. The level of distrust with human-like robots is difficult to dispel. Here the designers are hoping that people with engage with their alien-like creation in a positive way.

The creators describe him as a fun, friendly character that wants to meet people. There is also talk of a strong personality and attitude, with is something that other robots struggle with. Robots like Sophia and Jai Jai can respond to questions, wink, and smile, but it is hard to call this “personality.”