Introducing DAVE, An Engaging Human-Like Robot With A Difference

It wasn’t long ago that human-like robots were a rarity. Now there are so many different creations under development that it is important to stand out. One of a unique model that are currently evolving is DAVE. DAVE takes a different approach with its look, its purpose and the way it interacts with humans.


DAVE is the unique model that needs the different approach for its look and the way it interacts with the humans. DAVE is built with specially designed software that works like the human body parts, facial expression, arm, and hands in a realistic manner. Dave is the half machine and half human. He can move his parts, pick up and handle the object quickly.

The Purpose Of DAVE


Purpose Of DAVE

There have been many questions over the role of human-like robots in modern society. Some developers are serious about the chance to improve human-robot relations and allow robots to integrate into society. There is the hope that these beings will be able to offer a productive, beneficial role in society.

Current ideas for life-like robots in Japan include therapists for children with Autism and carers for elderly patients with dementia. Elsewhere, studies show that these humanoid figures are of use to some degree in informational roles, such as receptionists and concierge services. This is the next step in assistive technologies.

Again, DAVE is a little bit different. DAVE is not designed for any noble cause like helping a nation’s healthcare problems. He is unlikely to be able to cooperate with customers relations and hospitality with that “attitude” of his. Instead, the purpose here is purely entertainment. The movements and actions of this character are meant to enthrall a live audience that interacts with him.

Beyond this, DAVE has ambitions of stardom. There is the hope that he heralds the “next age” of the media personality. He personality and ability to interact with people could make him a great choice for a TV presenter.

All of his reactions arrive via an operator off-stage, so there is little concern about him freezing up or going off script. If this works out, the world is his oyster regarding the entertainment industry.

Who Is Responsible For Project DAVE?

The team involved already has to experience with creating robots for entertainment purposes. Mike Onslow and Bryan Kilburn are the brains behind the Plunderbird series of robots from Robot Wars. Onslow is currently project manager to take DAVE in new directions. John and Jacky Willoughby are also no strangers to Robot Wars and bring their design knowledge to the team.

 They are also joined by George Francis, who was an important member of the Robot Wars technical crew, and his teammates Ian Swann. Francis will be in charge of the motor control system while Swann works on the interface. Finally, there is film-maker Laurie Calvert, who is documenting the whole process.

DAVE May Only Be A Work In Progress, But There Are High Hopes For The Future

There is still lots of work ahead for this experienced team, but there is no doubt that they are up to the job. Project DAVE is set to bring something completely new to the world of robotics and humanoid creations.

Phase I of Daves design and creation is well underway, and Phase II is in development. A video is also in production documenting the team’s progress and explaining the concepts. The idea of a human-like robot in the entertainment industry is appealing, and the approach is unique. If successful, this could be a major figure in the world of robotics.